Why Mexico?
Why Mexico?

When NewStar Fresh Foods’ executive Anthony Vasquez took over the reins of the company in 2016 as owner, he saw a unique business opportunity in Mexico, and had the vision to seize it. He saw Mexico as a critical component for delivering on the company’s promise of selling superior quality produce and fresh ingredient solutions, year-round.

Anthony recognized that, while many produce companies had operations in Mexico, a focused commitment of both time and financial resources was needed to capitalize on the value that the country offered. What Anthony saw in Mexico was good land, availability of water, and, most importantly, a skilled, hard-working labor force eager to improve their communities.

The fact is, most of NewStar’s crops that are grown in Mexico are high-touch, labor intensive vegetables that require a specialized work. Today, NewStar employs a dependable and reliable labor force of more than 3,500 people — not contractors — all working in Mexico as members of the NewStar family. Some of these employees have been with the company since it first started operating in Mexico.

Of course, nothing grows without water, so all of NewStar’s Mexico farming operations rely on sandy soils and clean, high-quality local well water, which help to ensure consistent supply, and year-round availability. NewStar operates in five growing regions across Mexico, leveraging the varying climates and landscapes to grow high quality crops, while reducing risks of crop failure. Many of these farms are located in higher elevations, with cooler climates, or near the coast, where ocean breezes moderate temperatures.

Finally, NewStar doesn’t outsource any part of our Mexico operations. Our management team moves with the crop seasonally, throughout the country, and our employees at each growing location are permanent team members.

All of that adds up to one thing: We do Mexico right! Contact NewStar today to see how we can make a difference for you.

Growing Regions

Cool ocean breezes, growing at altitude and warm sunny days are just some of the reasons NewStar Fresh continues to produce superior quality commodities in the fresh vegetable industry. We have found the ideal micro climate for everyone of our vegetables and harvest each product during its peak growing season, so you can enjoy fresh, flavorful and nutritious produce all year long. Our farms are located in some of the best agricultural areas of Mexico stretching from the Baja, through Mexicali and into Central Mexico. To mitigate crop failure, we intentionally grow the same commodities in multiple locations to ensure that we can fulfill your order despite “Mother Nature”. One of our core strategies is to seek out hectares that will provide ample sunlight, good water, and a committed labor pool to deliver quality to your door.

We are steadfast in implementing industry leading “good agricultural practices” in the field coupled with “good manufacturing practices” in our Estrella Nueva processing operation. NewStar is a hands-on, boots on the ground, and play in the dirt company that continuously monitors and evaluates all of our products from seed to destination…. Talk to us about our “in the box solutions“.

Stellar service and world class products… We do Mexico right!